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Welcome to Heliopolis Modern language schools official website:

Modern language school is one of the most unique schools that provides the national curriculum
FB_IMG_1431078517647from pre-school up to 3rd secondary.Our school was established in the year 1996.   Modern language school provides a comprehensive and challenging education that  fosters regional and global citizenship.Under the care, guidance and direction of our   dedicated and qualified teaching staff, we inspire students to be life long-  learning who contribute positively to a diverse and changing world. Through our high academic standards of education we prepare our students to face the 21 th  century demands and to encounter future challenges in this careers . Our school is well equipped with all the facilities our students need for a balanced education. Our focus is not only educational but also teaching positive participation ,creativity , critical thinking and self-discipline.


School Vision:

We believe in …    

    • offering a high standard of national education to the students which is based on the most up-to date methodology of teaching.
    • preparing the students for university and a future of continuous learning.
    • developing open-minded learners.
    • promoting the principle that differences unite,not divide.
    • providing a supportive, inspiring environment which encourages learners to achieve their dreams,ambition and aspirations.
    • creating opportunities for all students to develop self-confidence,integrity and responsibility.
    • concentrating on the behavioural level and ethical attitudes as it is not less important than the academic level.